10 High Paying Jobs to “Secure the Bag”

They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure does pay the bills. Especially if you have dreams of living it big. With the endless amount of opportunities to get to “the bag”, it’s never a bad idea to take a look at which jobs provide the highest return on investment (ROI) of our time.

A lot of high paying jobs are concentrated in the medical, law, and engineering fields and according to a recent report, these jobs pay, I mean a $100,000 per year well.

The majority of these jobs require a college education and are great option for those interested in pursuing higher education.

  1. Patent Attorney ($139,272): Do you enjoy reading and are good with details? This profession enables you to represent clients in acquiring a patent right. They also carry out all the requirements and procedures to obtain the patent. A degree in science and law can get you a career in this field.
  2. Medical Science Liaison ($132,842): Do you enjoy science and research? This career allows you to become a scientific expert that provides support in research and other objectives of a specific medical area across the healthcare industry.
  3. Enterprise Architect ($112,566): Are you creative leader? An Enterprise Architect designs, plans and directs the implementation of business for the development and execution of the job. A degree in business architecture, data architecture and application architecture will lead you to the path of this rewarding career.
  4. Application Development Manager ($112,045): Do you enjoy technology and building systems? As an Application Development Manager you provide information needed for the preparation of budgets and also for the improvement of the hardware and software of the organization.
  5. Corporate Controller ($110,855): Do you enjoy finance and are good with money? This career may be for you. As a Corporate Controller you are responsible for the supervision of the financial and accounting department of an organization. They also provide the necessary information needed for the development of the organization.
  6. Information Technology Architect ($105,303): Another option for those interested in technology and building system. This career allows you to design software and hardware to provide solutions in information technology. A sound background in business and IT is required.
  7. Nurse Practitioner ($104,145): Are you good with people and have an interest in the medical field? These nurses have advance training allowing them to perform various tasks across the healthcare industry.
  8. Physician Assistant ($112,529): Another great option for those interested in the medical field, but not looking to make the commit to become a doctor. As a PA you are licensed to provide medical care under the supervision of a medical doctor and other medical professionals.
  9. Solution Architect ($102,678): – Another option for our techies. This job allows you to turn requirements into designs and architect for a team of developers for implementation.
  10. Public speaker ($103,240): – My fave! Do you have a passion for making a significant difference in the world? A survey showed that people fear public speaking more than death. Jerry Seinfeld jokes that people rather be in the casket than the person giving the eulogy. This probably explains why public speakers are well compensated.

In closing, no matter how much a job pays, it’s always important to choose a career that you’re passionate about. Passion drives the skills needed to be recognized and ultimately well compensated for your value. Jobs pay the bills, but careers pay for your lifestyle. If any of these jobs are aligned with your interests, I highly recommend reaching out to someone in the profession and potential becoming a mentee.

Are you in any of these professions? Do you know some other jobs that pay well?

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