10 Ways to Cope With Depression

Depression is not just a feeling or something that happens to you. Depression is a mental illness deserving of much consideration and, more than often, medical treatment. Though antidepressants are many times crucial to one’s healing, there are actually natural remedies one can use to ease the pain depression brings. Here are ten natural ways to deal with depression:

  1. Set a Schedule-With depression, it is super easy to wake up and go back to sleep, oblivious of the time of day. In the mind of a depressed one, the days seem to blend together and there is absolutely no structure. Setting a schedule and sticking to it can bring a sense of purpose to someone who has now believed life to be meaningless.
  2. Set Goals-Many depressed people believe life is meaningless and they now have no purpose to fill. One of the many reasons could be they have no goals set. When you have set goals for yourself, though it can seem overwhelming at first, you feel challenged. There is now something ahead of you, something to accomplish for yourself. Beginning to live with a purpose is a huge step in the right direction for depression.
  3. Exercise-Though it may seem brutal to get yourself out of bed, it is worth it once you have exercised. When you exercise, endorphins, chemicals that make you feel good, are released into your brain. By exercising on a regular basis, your brain and body will get in the habit of sustaining a positive energy.
  4. Eating Right-Though the cravings for doughnuts and French fries are there, those are the types of foods will sink you further into depression. The foods that sometimes seem repulsive are the foods that can lead you away from your depressed state. There are several diets you can try to guide you from being depressed. According to WebMD, omega-3 fatty acids (salmon or tuna) and frolic acid (spinach and avocado) are very helpful for fighting depression.
  5. Getting on a Good Sleep Schedule-Many who are depressed will only get a few hours of sleep each day or will oversleep until it is two or three in the afternoon. Both are unhealthy and are not beneficial to fighting depression. While making a schedule, make sure to leave enough time for about eight hours of sleep each night. Do not spontaneously nap throughout the day, ignoring structure in your sleep patterns. Though it may feel good in the moment, it makes matters worse.
  6. Volunteer-No one is meant to be isolated. Taking on different responsibilities helps bring about a sense of purpose. It will send subtle messages to your mind that you are needed, that you do have a purpose and people do depend on you. The next time someone needs a helping hand, reach out and help. It will make you feel better.
  7. Blot Out Negative Thinking-This may be one of hardest things to overcome. It always begins in the mind. With depression, you may think you are the only one suffering, it is your fault, and there is no way out of this cycle of thinking. Finding ways to force yourself to think differently is crucial and beneficial to your health. Even if you have to say it out loud, despite what you are feeling in the moment, declaring to your mind you can overcome will cause you to get to a place where you can authentically believe it.
  8. Consult a Doctor or Counselor-Before doing anything drastic such as jumping into taking pills, go to a professional to see what might be the best way to get back on your feet. Do not be a stranger. Counselors and doctors are there for a reason. They desire to help those in depressed state. The biggest lie to believe about depression is that you are alone in the fight. You are not.
  9. Try New Things-Travel. Learn to play a musical instrument. Learn a new language. Explore new hobbies. You may discover incredible things about yourself you did not even know were there. You will also feel challenged in an incredible way. You will now have something to achieve. You will feel human again.
  10. Enjoy Yourself-Though you may wake up in the morning wanting to bury yourself ten feet below the ground that is not how everyone else sees you. Enjoy yourself. Have fun. Go to a social event. Dance. Look ridiculous in front of your peers. Don’t take yourself so seriously. There will be a huge sense of freedom. You will feel liberated from carrying a load you never had to carry in the first place.

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