Jaden’s Voice: Celebration Beyond the Spectrum at Legoland Atlanta

Since the early 70’s, this nation has been publically raising awarenes for Autism, deeming April as the official National Autism Awareness Month.

Just last Friday on April 20, 2018, Jaden’s Voice presented “Celebration Beyond the Spectrum”, a FREE event for children and families who are living and dealing with Autism on a daily basis. Jaden’s Voice partnered with Legoland at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, to create the ultimate, carefree and empowering experience for these beautiful families.

This event provided the children with a safe and welcoming environment for them to play and explore amongst their peers and loved ones, without the worry of unacceptance, judgement or ignorance to what they have come to know as their personal norm. They were able to freely be themselves, laugh, play, and even have a melt down in peace if need be; no apologies necessary.

Children diagnosed with Autism can not always communicate the way the “average” child can; and thanks to organizations like Jaden’s Voice, these beautiful babies have someone to advocate for them, connect them with reliable resources, as well as educate people and businesses they may come in contact with, through their Jaden’s Friends certification program.

This program is game changing. It allows for individuals and establishments to become ceritified and accurately informed about the ins and outs of Autism, as well as some of the best ways to accomodate and support Autistic children and their families. Upon completion of the program, Jaden’s Voice provides the business or individual with a seal to be displayed, which lets families know that it is an Autism-friendly space.

By gladly becoming one of Jaden’s Friends, Legoland was able to make the necessary modifications to their venue, games and activities on Friday, in order to accomodate the families that came out for a simple, good time with people who understand.

Jaden’s Mommy and CEO of Jaden’s Voice, Terri Matthews, was thrilled to have such a beautiful turn-out for this epic event. Hundreds of people came out and enjoyed family time, received valuable information, and made connections with other families; which adds to that healthy foundation of support that these parents and children truly need.

Guests were also able to meet Terri and Jaden in person, while gaining more knowlege about Jaden’s Voice, and all the great things they are doing for Autism families, worldwide.

Movements and organizations like this, continue to breed hope amongst communities of people who often times are left by the wayside. Jaden’s Voice a global advocacy for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and they are committed to a mission designed to break barriers and beat odds stacked against these amazing children and their support systems. Connect with them at www.jadensvoice.org!

Photo credits to Fredric A. Stanley Jr. of Renaizzance Media.




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