5 Simple steps to writing your Marketing Plan

Marketing is a way to bring awareness to your brand, attract more customers, and boost sales. We all may have an idea of what we want our marketing to look like, but we get stumped on taking the necessary steps to design and implement a plan. Below are five steps to help you design and implement your business.

  1. Review the Market 
    • Your plan needs an introduction section, which includes a description of where your business stands today, and how you intend to put your marketing plans in place. Your section should include a description of your business, a description of your market or business environment, the marketing challenges you face, current location of your competition, and any foreseeable outside influences.
  2. Overview of your target customer
    • Your marketing plan MUST contain some information about your customers (either existing or prospective customers.) Include things like, who they are? What they want? What motivates them to buy? Age, gender, and the niche you are trying to target or appeal to.
  3. Business Goals
    • Briefly list your company’s goals both marketing and sales goals. Make sure you include elements of your business, so you can gauge your progress. Using the S.M.A.R.T. goals method can help with devising Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Specific.
  4. Strategies and Tactics
    • This is the heart of your plan, the bread and butter. This section details your marketing message, what you plan to market, your materials, and how you plan to achieve your marketing goals. Your message determines how you communicate your message, your story, to your potential customer. Your tactics are the means that you use to inform your customer about your business and your products. This includes advertising, attending trade shows, or special promotions. Your tactics need to be carefully spelled out, with dates and actions associated with them.
  5. Budget
    • The last section of your plan will break down the projected expenses of your marketing efforts. This section should include any and all estimated expenses for the creation, development and distribution of your materials, estimated purchase cost of raw materials, printing, and postage.

Although this outline is quite simple, your marketing plan should be as detailed as possible. Your marketing plan will not only write your vision out for you, but for those that work with you. Your marketing plan will give the motivation and determination you need as an entrepreneur, as well as create a guideline to help you stay on track in growing and sustaining your business.

Angelica Williams is a serial entrepreneur. She has over 10 years experience as a marketing consulting. She helps entrepreneurs start, grow, and sustain their business. To learn more about Angelica, visit www.thebosshustle.com

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