Lavar Ball doing what he does: making bold predictions


Lavar Ball, the very outspoken celebrity father of current NBA Los Angeles Laker rookie Lonzo Ball and future NBA hopeful sons LiAngelo and Lamelo Ball, had made yet another bold prediction.

Regarding the future of current Cleveland Cavalier All Star LeBron James, who will be a free agent at the end of this NBA season, Lavar Ball is adamant that James will held to Los Angeles to team up with his son Lonzo Ball next season.

Arriving at his pop up shop in Los Angeles during NBA All Star weekend, Lavar told TMZ, ”Who said it was a rumor? Didn’t I tell you he was coming in? Trust me when I tell you.” Lavar even went as far as to say that James, a four time NBA MVP and three time NBA champion will benefit from playing with his son Lonzo, a rookie who has at times struggled this season and is currently sidelined with a MCL injury, “Lonzo will make him a better player.”

Should Lavar’s bold prediction take place, he already has a nickname in the works for the Lonzo Ball and LeBron James combination, “Ball Stars.”

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