7 Things That Lower Your Testosterone Levels



Whether it is your mental health or the size of your biceps testosterone dictates everything. Studies show that for men once the age of 30 arrives there will start to be a decline in T-levels. The following 7 tips will not only help you increase the size of your biceps but will also help you maintain your testosterone.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption not only has a negative impact on testosterone production, but it can also cause oxidative damage to testosterone molecules already in circulation, according to the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology.

2. Soda

According to studies there is a direct correlation between sugar intake and testosterone. In those men who consume 75 grams or more of sweet foods and/or drinks daily there is a 25% decrease in testosterone. The higher your water intake the better it is for your overall health, including testosterone.

3. Sleep

Insufficient amounts of sleep causes an increase in stress, which hinders testosterone production. According to studies performed, men that average five hours of sleep per night testosterone levels decreased 15% compared to those men who slept an average of eight hours.

4. Drinking from plastic bottles

Phthalates, chemicals used to make disposable bottles, are linked to a decline in male hormones, according to The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

5. Long distance running

Scientists suggest that those who run over 40 miles per week have lower testosterone levels than those who run short distance. They feel this is due to elevated cortisol levels found in endurance runners.

6. Gum

Gum consist of spearmint and other substances of menthol, which lowers T-levels, according to an article found in The Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology.

7. Anabolic Steroids

Somewhat confusing, steroids provide a quick boost in testosterone but its long term effects produce different results. When taking steroids your body thinks that is has produced enough natural hormones. Injecting too many steroids can cause a permanent slow down.

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