A Higher Loyalty: A Spoiler-Free Book Review

It has been a long time since I’ve finished a book in two days. I started reading A Higher Loyalty and quickly found that I could not put it down. In his book, James Comey eloquently provides a glimpse not only into Trump’s presidency but into what it truly means to live as an ideal leader in a politically tribal world.

On the technical side of things, Comey is a surprisingly good writer for someone who has never written a book before. I enjoyed his style of storytelling. It was engaging and insightful. Comey interwove his own story, anecdotes to describe the characters of the men and women he worked with, and his wise words describing what it means to be a good leader almost perfectly. I say almost because there are a few times when the anecdotes distract the reader from his main point and make the reader feel a bit lost in the story. But the fact that that didn’t happen more often is a good indicator of his skill. Comey has a hidden talent.

A running theme in his book is discussing what makes a good leader. Through his many years of service, Comey has learned many insightful things about leadership and is remarkable for his passionate commitment to his ideals despite his trying circumstances. That is the focus of his book until the last three chapters when he begins to discuss his dealings with President Trump and the reasons why he does not feel that our current president does not meet the standards of good leadership.

However you may feel about President Trump, I highly recommend this book. It’ll give you a better understanding of how Washington works and a clearer version of what good leadership should look like.

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