A Magical Movie, A Wrinkle In Time: Role Analysis & Light Movie Review

YAY!!!! NO SPOILERS in this one!

The new Disney movie that gives you black Frozen vibes… a new classic movie and a beautiful message for everyone! Don’t you just love when you can enjoy movies that are fit for the entire family? This one is most definitely a treasure; a beautifully constructed story of love, unity, faith, family and victory!

Ava DuVernay has wowed the masses yet again, with her phenomenal talent and skill of bringing written masterpieces to life with lots of power and awe. She is the movie shero with the director’s crown, responsible for Disney’s, A Wrinkle in Time. A Wrinkle in Time was originally a novel written  in 1962 by Madeleine L’Engle, which gave DuVernay so much room to tap into her own imagination and creativity bank, as she most certainly did.

Ava DuVernay is the first black woman to direct a Disney comic movie, and the second black woman to direct an Action/Adventure movie, after Patty Jenkins, who directed Wonder Woman. Ava, accompanied by her cast and crew, have broken so many chains with this one. The movie features countless, priceless messages that are relevant and necessary now!


Storm Reid – Meg Murry (Daughter and main character)

This little beauty is an Atlanta, Ga native and is perfect for this role! She is such an amazing representation of today’s brown girl, any girl her age, really. She did a spectacular job at truly becoming Meg Murry. I watched this doll interview on The Ellen Show and let’s just say that her true character blows you away. I think her true character relates most to Meg’s discovered self, by the end of the movie. This litte lady is fierce, humble, and she will capture your heart and hold it for the entire film.

Derek McCabe – Charles Wallace (Little Brother)

This adorable kid is just brilliant! Outside of his whitty, boy-genius role as Charles Wallace, I’d find it difficult to believe that he is much different than his assigned role. He is the little sparkle throughout the movie that keeps your emotions in check. Well, at least until he’s no longer acting like himself. (Insider) It truly amazed me throughout this entire production, how talented he is at learning his lines and owning them without missing a beat!

Chris Pine – Dr. Alex Murry  (Dad)

Wow just Wow. I was amazed to see how well the makeup and costume team aged Chris Pine for his role as “Dad”, or Dr. Murry. I’d say they blessed him with a good 20 extra years! This role was so captivating. It represented so many great things in manhood, fatherhood, marriage, innovation, and even in culture. This role was refreshing. It gave you a few different perspectives on some major social stigmas as well as some unfortunate American truths.

GuGu Mbatha-Raw – Dr. Kate Murry

A beautiful queen, in character as well as out. Gugu is an English actress; completely slayed her role with class and grace. She represented so many different groups of women in her role as “Mom”. She did an amazing job at riding the waves of emotions presented in this movie. She handled every challenge with grace. She was a pleasure to watch and absolutely a prominent role.

Oprah Winfrey – Mrs. Which

Oprah was AMAZING!!!! This too was just a perfect match of actress to role. Mrs. Which is mighty, gentle, wise and powerful, but delightfully respected. She gives children peace of mind and I think she’d awaken a child-like spirit of any adult viewer, as she assumes the typical “Mommom” position of say, a Grandmother or Godmother. The fact that Disney casted so many women of color in this film, really excites me and sets this move aside, as it reaches a cultural breakthrough, in so many ways; although culture was NOT the main focus of the story.

Reese Witherspoon – Mrs. Whatsit

I love this role! Mrs. Whatsit, along with the others, brought lots of laughs with her jokingly sarcastic and naïve character. She keeps the plot light and fluffy, and Reese Witherspoon does an amazing job at making that image a reality on set. She, as well as the rest of the cast all seemed to have a ball while filming. Things like this only make movies more effective and enjoyable.

Mindy Kaling – Mrs. Who

It was sooooo refreshing to see Mindy in this! Mrs. Who is so epic! Mrs. Who is beautiful representation of women of color, especially Indian women! I love seeing her face on TV and per usual, she did an astonishing job at playing a sweet-hearted, person of trust to Meg and her family. I really enjoyed the collaboration of actors and actresses that made the scene magical on set.

Levi Miller – Calvin O’keefe (Friend)

This young man is such a doll. He gives you so many little gentleman vibes, as he represents so many good-spirited teen boys today; boys that just need a great support system and some old fashion encouragement (faith). Levi Miller played his part beautifully, as he had to be an accessory to Meg and the Murry’s throughout their entire journey. He was amazing and he was brave, as he represented a small population that is okay with going against what’s popular and “accepted”. He is a hero, inside and outside of his role.


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