A Southern Delight: Mary Mac’s Tea Room since 1945

Mary Mac’s Tea Room = A Beauuuuutiful Historical Atmosphere + Savory, Succulent, Soul-food!

This place located perfectly at 224 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA, where it has served millions of customers since 1945, is amazing! Mary Mac’s is set up in a dining room style, mini-mansion, in midtown Atlanta.

They serve real, authentic, comfort food, clearly made with love and flavor! Everything I’ve ever had from them has been amazing, and on top of everything they have a beautiful, yet classic bar, serving alcoholic beverages.

When you enter, you can’t help but notice the plethora of framed pictures of various loyal customers, celebrities and icons, as well as hictorical images reflecting some of Mary Mac’s earliest days. Taken back by the high ceilings, wood accents and chalk-board style messages, you notice that there’s a simple option for either Dine-In or To-Go Orders.

If you dine in, you’re seated at a nice, intimate but lively, dining room setting; and you are seated by a polite and bubbly hostess, followed by an introduction to your server.

Thanks to the preservation of sacred traditions, you get to write down your order on a slip that covers each course of your meal. They provide you with cute little mini-pencils that you turn in with your order slip once you have been served beverages and are ready to order. This was a protocol that stuck, as the Tea Room became a perminent part of Atlanta’s best attractions.

Most restaurants serve complimentary bread while you wait to recieve your meal. Mary Mac’s serves warm dinner rolls as well as a satisfying treat offered to first-time visitors, called “Pot Likker with Cracklin Bread”, which is a small cup of mixed greens juices, accompanied by bite-sized corn muffins for some good sopping! You can also order this separately, from the menu.

To-Go orders are quick and easy, as they are taken at a separate, designated check-out counter, and processed in a reasonable, timely fashion. You are still complimented with warm dinner rolls as well as mini corn muffins, when you order a main entree. My favorite is their Chicken Fried Chicken, smothered in white, country gravy!

Mary Mac’s is a major highlight in the women’s business industry as it was originally owned and opened in 1945 by a woman named Mary McKenzie, who simply had an entrepreneurial spirit along with a passion and skill for cooking good, southern cuisine.

A little less than 20 years later it was bought and taken over by a business woman by the name of Margaret Lupo, who took Mary Mac’s from a single tea room to 9 vast dining rooms that make up one of Atlanta’s most sought-after restaurants.

Currently, Mary Mac’s is owned and operated by Mr. John Ferrell, who was personally chosen by Margaret Lupo herself, to take over this historical gem. He has maintained his duties well, as Mary Mac’s remains a tourist and locals’ favorite, all while standing in the same original location and maintaining it’s well-respected reputation and atmosphere.

Never pass through Atlanta, GA without blessing your belly, and just your life in general, with an epic experience, dining for lunch or dinner at Mary Mac’s Tea Room.

Disappoiment just doesn’t exist on their menu!

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