“Ant-Man and the Wasp”: A Spoiler-Free Review

Marvel fans never needed a bigger relief. After the devastation of “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp” was just the fun, heartwarming film we needed to temporarily lift us out of our depression.

To summarize the story, because of his actions in “Captain America: Civil War,” Scott Lang has been under house arrest for the past three years running a business with his buddy Luis and raising his daughter Cassie on her visitation days. However, his tranquil hiatus is interrupted when he receives a vision that could be the key to reuniting Hank and Hope with the first Wasp and is forced into being the Ant-Man to Hope’s Wasp to make this mission possible. Unfortunately for them, enemies from Hank’s past appear and threaten their mission and Scott’s freedom.

This movie works for most of the reasons the last one did.

For one thing, the acting from everybody is great. The chemistry of the cast is believable, funny, and at times, touching, especially between Scott and Cassie, Scott’s friends, and the “Ant Family.” Without giving anything away, I found myself unexpectedly crying at certain scenes.
For another thing, the action is better. They do more creatively with size and the possibilities of the suit’s powers that make action scenes so much more fun to watch.

The other reason this movie works is that the writing is unexpectedly better.

For instance, the bad guys are surprisingly more enjoyable in this movie. Yeah, that’s not something I thought I would be commenting on, but it’s true. The bad guys who you might expect to be annoying or, at least, forgettable are either given relatable backstories or made so funny that you don’t mind their presence. Compared to the stereotypical corporate villain in the last film, that is a marked improvement.

There’s also a running theme of hubris and its consequences that is explored from a dramatic standpoint that is effective.

In addition, this film somehow manages to have more scenes that are dramatic, suspenseful, and absurdly funny that work. I can’t go into detail without spoiling some important scenes, but you’ll have to trust me when I say that it is great.

To summarize my reaction, I loved this movie. I wish I could go into further detail to explain why, but I cannot without risking spoiling the movie for everyone else. I enjoyed every moment, and do not understand the critics who did not. Check it out for yourself to understand what I mean.

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