Atlanta Make Up Artists Come Together To Celebrate Their Craft

Saturday April 7, 2015 was opening day for the fifth annual PMAC (Professional Make Up Artist Conference and Expo). Professionals from all areas of the make up industry Fantasy, Bridal, Special FX, Body Arts, Haute Couture, Photography Lighting, Cosmetology, Live Instruction, TV & Film Staffing, and Business Insurance and Entrepreneurism came together to share their craft. They participated in demonstrations, classes, competitions and panels.

PMAC was created by professional make up artist Gwyniss Mosby.  Gwyniss started this expo because she wanted to create a place for make up artists to come together as a community. She says there was a stigma in Atlanta with professional make up artists that they do not communicate and support each other’s work. Gwyniss wants PMAC to be the place for established professionals and up and coming professional make up artists come together to network and learn from each other.

One of the highlights of PMAC was watching Academy Award winning make up artists Matthew Mungle and Joe Basco do a demonstration on special effects makeup. They demonstrated how to turn a man into Frankenstein. Matthew, who studied under Joe, won his first Oscar in 1992 for his work on “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” Joe has worked on numerous television shows and motion pictures.  Per Wikipedia he is credited with creating the bladder technique used in horror films. Joe also owns his own school called The Joe Blasco School and cosmetics company.

On opening day of the PMAC Expo was also an awards ceremony. One of the recipients was Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck.  Erin is a makeup artist, an instructor and a licensed esthetician.  Erin specializes holistic skin care. She also wants to educate skin care professionals and makeup artists on the ethics of the beauty industry.

The PMAC Expo is a great place for vendors to show their products and services.  There were vendors who specialize in theatrical and special effects make up and a company called Regen The Body that specializes in skin care. Two unique products were Glam Or Ring and Makeup Bullet. Glam Or Ring is an add on to the cell phone. It is a compartment that hold makeup on one side and credit cards on the other side. It is made to replace a purse. Makeup Bullet slips onto the ring finger to use as a makeup blender.

The PMAC Expo occurs every year in April.

Joe Blasco and Matthew Mungle with their model after his transformation to Frankenstein. Photo by Lauren Spiridigliozzi
Rosanna Chichester and Syvonne Richardson Photo by Lauren Spiridigliozzi
Benji Dpve and Alex Brejak transform the model from man to woman Photo by Lauren Spiridigliozzi
Add on for smart phone to replace a purse  Photo provided by Glam O Ring






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