Black Panther Makes Movie History

The highly anticipated film, Marvel’s “Black Panther” has already proven to be inarguably one of the best films of 2018.  Last week, it broke the record for February openings and Presidents’ Day openings over the four-day weekend.  For the second weekend in a row, it’s kept its momentum staying put as the number one movie worldwide grossing a total of $404 million.  Often times, studio films are over hyped in Hollywood but Black Panther did not disappoint. From start to finish, the film kept viewer on the edge of their seat with a compelling protagonist, Chadwick Boseman, King of Wakanda. His opposite played by Michael B. Jordan, brilliantly plays the villain in a fight till death for the throne. The film was written and directed by Ryan Coogler. This was only Ryan’s third feature.

“Black Panther” has held such impressive numbers that even surpassed “Deadpool’s” previous February record of $152 million.  The film also nearly scored a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.  To see the film, check your local listings.


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