Channel Awesome’s Response

On April 11, Channel Awesome posted a response on their webpage to some of the accusations leveled against them. You can read it in full here, but to save you the trip, I’ll summarize the post for you.

Channel Awesome began their post by saying they were looking at their options to address “the lies that have been alleged by multiple disgruntled individuals with vindictive intentions.”
They went on to say that “Channel Awesome has always tried to keep our dealings with our content partners out of the public eye and despite any differences or disagreements we have never publicly spoken negatively about any of them, but a response to the accusations leveled against us must happen.”

Then Channel Awesome went on to address what in their opinion were the most serious accusations.

As a response to the accusation of unprofessional site management, Channel Awesome admitted that “communication could have and should have been better.”

As a response to the negative feelings of their accusers, throughout the document, they accused the former producers and employees of all being “vindictive” and lying. For instance, Channel Awesome said that Holly Brown lied about being forced to work every day without breaks.

As a response to the accusations of Channel Awesome being an environment where reports of sexual harassment weren’t taken seriously, Channel Awesome said that they have “a strict policy regarding our community including IP banning all abusive posters, as well as banning their account via username and email and continuing to monitor our forums” and that sexual abuse claims between employees were taken seriously.

Regarding the complaints about the “misogynistic” working atmosphere, Channel Awesome cited the positive experience of some of their former and current employees and said, “We are always trying to improve ourselves both personally and professionally and moving forward we will implement mandatory sensitivity training for all staff to ensure we maintain a culture of respect for all employees.”

They continued to address allegations of sexual misconduct (which they said was adequate), their compensation of producers (which they said was mostly exposure), the drop in traffic to the site after Nostalgia Critic announced his departure (which they said was because of their channel’s switch to YouTube), the lack of compensation during crossover and anniversary specials (to which they replied that participation was voluntary), Lindsey Ellis’ complaint that her comments on a script for an anniversary special were ignored (which they said wasn’t true), and what Allison Pregler said about the anniversary specials being a miserable experience (which they said was a lie).

In terms of improving the site’s public image, this response completely backfired. Most of the post’s commenters and the former producers have responded angrily to what they view as CEO Mike Michaud’s continual “pettiness.”

To make matters worse, a poorly redacted screenshot of a sexual abuse victim’s conversation with site officials revealed Justin Carmical, aka JewWario, a former producer who committed suicide, to be the sexual predator responsible for their sexual assault and the sexual assaults of others. Kaylyn Saucedo, aka Marzgurl, confirmed this to be true in a response video and has condemned Channel Awesome for their “despicable” actions that could potentially put the victims in the public eye.

The latest rumor in the Channel Awesome community is that Doug Walker, aka the Nostalgia Critic, has left Channel Awesome and will be suing Michaud for the rights to his intellectual property.
If these rumors turn out to be true and Channel Awesome continues to ignore its employees’ complaints, then their days could be numbered.

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