Collapsed bridge in South Florida falls killing 6 after being ruled safe

A pedestrian bridge collapsed Thursday on the campus of Florida International University killing six people.  This horrific accident happened just hours after a meeting took place with bridge engineers, who stated that they found the bridge to be safe despite the fact that there were reports made regarding a noticeable crack in the structure.

According to CNN, the Miami-Dade Police identified 4 of the bodies thus far; Rolanda Fraga Hernandez, Oswald Gonzalez, Alberto Arias were pulled from the rubble. Navarro Brown found alive and died after being taken the a local hospital.
FUI stated that a two-hour long meeting was held last Thursday morning at 9am regarding the safety of the bridge as a crack had already been reported.  There, a FIGG Bridge engineer gave a technical presentation discussing the crack in which it was ruled that safety wasn’t and issues nor did it put the bridges integrity at risk in anyway.  The bridge fell a little more than 4 hours that same day around 1:30pm.

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