Conflicted Views on McDonald’s Arch

Who knew that a fast-food restaurant could stir up such a fuss? On a Thursday, March 8, 2018, in Lynnwood, California, McDonalds decided to flip their iconic golden arch upside down into the shape of the letter ‘W.’ This was done in support of women due to it being National Women’s Day. Of course, since then, social media has been blowing up on this issue, some positive and some negative. According to, the intentions were to acknowledge women for all the impact they have had through the years. It was a statement saying, “We notice you. You are appreciated and today is a day to celebrate you,” to women all over the nation. However, everyone did not view it with that intention. Some saw it as a way of McDonalds attempting to end sexism with a quick fix, believing that the real issue of sexism was swept under the rug. As one posted on Twitter, “How about paying women equally instead of just turning your logo upside down.” So even though it had good intentions and was meant to appreciate women, it has shown that there are bigger issues in Women’s Rights that need to be addressed, such as the fight for equal pay. Global Diversity Office, Wendy Lewis, wrote this on the issue, “Are we perfect? Of course not. We know we have work to do and are committed to listening and working with others across business, government and our communities to improve and make stories like Yazmin’s [a part-time employee who became a manager] in particular the norm, not the exception.” So even though the flipping of the arcs have not solved the problem, it seems to be a step in the right direction of ultimately reaching the goal of women getting equal rights.

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