Deadpool 2: A Spoiler-Free Review

Did I just see some heartfelt character development in a Deadpool movie? Yes, I did, and that is the meat of what makes “Deadpool 2” work.
To talk about the basic plot itself in too much detail would be to get into spoiler territory, so I’ll have to give you the bare minimum.

In this movie, Deadpool is going through a personal loss and decides to become an X-men, but in the meantime, a super soldier named Cable has come from the future to prevent the events that lead to the devastated future he knows. Unfortunately for him, his plans involve murder and Deadpool must stop him from making a terrible mistake.

This movie is funnier and has more entertaining action than the original, but its strength comes from its writing, specifically when it comes to Deadpool himself.

Wade Wilson gets a lot of character development in this movie, and it’s beautiful to see. He goes from being the cynical and chaotic neutral anti-hero to being a determined, kind, self-sacrificial, and chaotic good hero. His development feels so natural and believable that it is genuinely touching despite the film’s darkly comedic edge.

Marvel writers have a talent for writing stories and characters that are both heartfelt and unbelievably funny, and this movie is a great example of that. Every character in this movie, even the ones that are thrown away, are memorable and funnier than in the last movie. The only exception to the funny part is Cable, but for his character arc, it makes sense.

In addition, the action and comedy are boosted so much in this movie that the original feels tame by comparison. The project was clearly given more money and resources, and they took complete advantage of it.

I know I’m being very vague in this review, but I really can’t go into details without going into spoilers. You’ll have to trust me when I say this is a great sequel and you just need to check it out for yourself to understand what I mean.

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