Do Not Let Fandoms Push You Away from Being Fans

If you’re reading this, you know what I’m talking about.  Every fandom has its dark side, and I mean every fandom.

There are numerous examples of toxic fandoms in prominent fan communities.  You’ve got the Sonic fans pressuring Sega to push out products faster, you’ve got the Steven Universe fandom bullying a girl into attempting suicide for drawing a character “too thin,” you’ve got BTS fans harassing their African-American members, you’ve got the Undertale fandom with their infinite alternate universes (the last I counted there were 234), and I could go on.

The point is every fandom has its dark side.  As long as humans are sinful creatures, that will always be true.  Jerks can infiltrate any positive experience and make it a negative.  However, you should not let that turn you off to any fandom or to most things for that matter.

A piece of art is good no matter who likes it.  The people who follow it cannot take that value away unless you let them, so my fellow geeks, even with all the bad news about toxic fandoms, you should continue to love what you love.

If nothing else, the art needs you to keep going.

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