Douglasville’s Meyers Taylor Wins Silver By a Fraction

During the 2018 Winter Olympics, Douglasville’s own Elana Meyers Taylor, along with Lauren Gibbs, came in second during the women’s bobsledding event.

Finishing at 3 minutes, 22.52 seconds on Tuesday, they only came up .07 of a second shy of the gold medal winner, Mariama Jamanka. With both Meyers Taylor and Gibbs winning medals before, and Jamanka never winning any major international races, they seemed to be the favorites going in. However, Jamanka decided it was her time to shine as the underdog and won by .07 of a second, breaking a record of closeness between the first and second place of women’s bobsledding history.

After the runs that gave Germany the lead on Tuesday, Germany and the United States seemed to be the only strong contenders for the gold. With USA going first, Meyers Taylor and Gibbs finished in 50.73 seconds, giving Jamanka and Germany a run for their money.

However, Jamanka stepped up to the plate and did not back down. Even starting off by trailing the USA by 0.13 seconds, Jamanka never lost her perseverance. She stated afterwards, “I was not that nervous because I didn’t think how impossible it is to beat them.” She ended up finishing at 50.49 seconds.

With the final run, Meyers Taylor did not quit by going a second time in 50.46 seconds, which cut the deficit of Germany’s lead from .07 seconds to .04 seconds. In the end, Jamanka came out on top and won the gold for Germany.

Though so close, yet so far away, from the sweet smell of victory, Meyers Taylor still had much to be proud of. She concluded with, “We came up short, but me and Lauren gave everything we had until the very last hundredth.”

With all that said, Meyers Taylor and Gibbs came so close to winning the gold for U.S.A., but fell short in the end. Jamanka’s shocking defeat of the U.S.A. earned Germany their fifth medal out of eight events in the bobsled, skeleton and luge category, with only one event left. Suffice it to say, things seem to be going Germany’s way as they prepare for the upcoming event on Sunday.

Written by: Jeremy Ball



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