Editorial: Jimmy Kimmel, was the Jet Ski really necessary?

Everyone knows that the annual Academy Awards is a long event.  The Oscars started at 8pm EST and went on until almost 12pm EST.  During that time, you have four hours of events, acceptance speeches, musical numbers, and other award show shenanigans.  With that being said, I have just one question for Jimmy Kimmel…….was giving people an incentive to make their speeches shorter really necessary?

Sure, the gimmick was funny and seemed helpful at first, but for an event that is designed to be four hours long anyway, what was the point?  The Oscars are designed to be a chance for artists to have their chance to shine and be appreciated by the Academy so they can show their appreciation in return.  How they show their admiration is meant to be memorable as it helps to inspire future artists looking for a seat at the same table.  People use YouTube to find the best Oscar speeches for a reason.

Asking them to rush their speeches so they might win a Jet Ski had an opposite effect.  Instead of making their speeches as memorable as they wanted to, most of the winners were brief.  Some of them were doubtlessly aiming for the Jet Ski, but the rest were rushing out of peer pressure, resulting in some of the most boring acceptance speeches in recent Oscar History.

I know you were trying to move things along, Jimmy, and I have no doubt that “Phantom Thread” costume designer, Mark Bridges appreciates his Jet Ski, but next time, don’t put pressure on people who are already under a lot of stress.  As a member of the general public whom you thanked for going to the movies, we’d appreciate the opportunity to hear our favorite actors out.

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