Why Every Bad Anime Should Be Dubbed like “Ghost Stories”

Let’s face it.  There are some awful anime out there, and incomprehensibly, these anime are successful enough to merit an English dub.  The voice actors do the best they can to give a good dub but are usually not successful in making bad material interesting.  That is why I propose that all bad anime are given “Ghost Stories”-style dubs.

For those who haven’t heard of it, “Ghost Stories” is an anime made in the early 2000’s about children who hunt ghosts.  The anime itself was so standard and mediocre that it bombed in Japan.  It bombed so badly that when ADV Films was approached to dub the series around 2005 they were given the creative license to dub the anime however they wanted.  They could not change the names of the characters or the show’s basic premise, but they could change the script however they wanted to so that the original creators could earn enough money to cover the costs spent on production.

The result is probably the most hilarious dub in the history of anime.  The entire script was improvised.  Boring flat characters were turned into stereotypical Jews and born-again Christians.  Children spouted inappropriate dialogue worthy of “South Park.”  There were numerous racist, gay, and other kinds of offensive jokes.  Pop culture references are everywhere.  It’s glorious.  It’s like an official abridged series.

In my opinion, all bad anime need these kind of dubs.  “Ghost Stories” is primarily remembered and praised for its dub.  The comedic dub eventually earned the anime enough money for a serious dub, but most people consider the anime worthwhile for its funny dub.  So logically, studios stuck with a bad anime who want to cover the costs of production should instruct voice actors to make funny dubs.  They will make all their money back and create something that improves the anime in the process.

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