First World Rants: I Miss My Laptop

The title of this article reads “First World Rants,” but I might argue that this is not a First World Rant.  A filmmaker in the emerging Nollywood cannot edit his movies without his laptop.  Business leaders in developing countries cannot expand their businesses without access to the Internet which requires laptops.  In the same way, I cannot function without mine.

Oh, laptop, how I miss thee!  I took thee for granted.  I was careless in keeping thee well.  I let thy casing get broken which caused thee to lose thy ability to access the Internet.  I took thee to Best Buy who then sent thee away to Kentucky where thou art now.  I never knew how much I would miss thee.  My love, thou wert everything to me.

Thou kept me organized with the music I downloaded onto thy Itunes.  It was a system too complicated to explain here, but it kept me organized and I could accomplish all I wanted with thee most days.  With my Steam, I could play games for hours on thee and avoid all social interaction.  Thou kept me company and kept me delighted with thy games.  I could keep all my documents on thee.  I did not have to pass my external hard drive between computers to write documents.  I could work only with thee.  I miss all this and more.  I miss all which thou hadst to offer.

Thou were my friend and companion for hours as I applied for jobs with no success.  Thou wast my comfort and my resource.  I looked to thee as a friend and a means to talk to my friends.  None was closer to me except for God Almighty.

I have found a job.  Thou wouldst be so happy.  Thou wouldst be so happy to see my progress made.  I long for thee to be by my side as I continue to work at my job.  I long for thee to return from Kentucky so that we may work together again.

Please return to me, my love.  Please return to me.  I await your arrival eagerly as a bride awaits the arrival of her husband.  I care not that I shall have to redownload Steam or ITunes.  I only care that we shall be united once again and that I will no longer be stuck having to use the crappy spare downstairs since it will no longer use Internet upstairs and that I will no longer be stuck having to use my Mother’s desktop.  I care not even about the bill that will be required upon thy arrival.  I only care that we shall be united.

I await that day eagerly.

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