Freak-a-Con Preview

The ‘90’s really are returning.  “Freakazoid” is back!  Tom Ruegger, Paul Rugg, and others involved with the show are hosting a virtual convention on March 15 at 8pm EST to talk about Steven Spielberg’s comedic but short-lived animated series more than 20 years after its premiere on September 9, 1995.

According to the convention’s Facebook page, “Freakazoid” was a show about Dexter Douglas, aka Freakazoid, a teenager who “freaked out” and turned into the blue superhero with red tights and his adventures with other wacky characters in various crazy sketches.  The series was “immediately praised for the gut-busting hilarity, the heart-wrenching drama, the spit-take inducing surprises, and immediately drove the stock market price for Anubis Food Markets to the stratosphere.”  Unfortunately, it only lasted 24 episodes but is still remembered years later.

On March 15, at 8pm EST, Freak-a-Con will be streamed live on the Facebook page for one hour.  The stream will be interactive.  Viewers will be able to post their questions during the stream or ahead of time on the Facebook page so they can be sure that their questions are seen.

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