The panel started with Relax-O-Vision, a scene of a beach with relaxing music played on a constant loop, which I’m sure was an in-joke.  The event itself began at 8pm on Freak-a-Con’s Facebook page.  Then after some planned technical difficulties, the show started with the theme song played with the show’s two leading composers, Steve and Julie Bernstein, and announcing by Joe Leahy.  The event then began with hosts Tom Ruegger, the writer, and Paul Rugg, Freakazoid’s voice actor.

Paul Dini was brought on to talk about “Freak-a-zoid’s” creation.

They then played video submissions from their contest for the next fan boy or fan girl.  It was surprising how many young people were involved.  Elizabeth Woodruff’s 2-year-old daughter won.

Mitch Schauer, the first season’s producer, was brought in and talked about the show’s design.  Richard Stone’s original theme song for the show was played.  They rolled a clip with John McCann, another one of the show’s voice actors, which was interrupted.  The Bernstein’s talked about the show’s musical production and played their Emmy-nominated song.  Then Tom Ruegger and Paul Rugg answered the fan’s questions until they were interrupted with a call from Steven Spielberg they were shocked to learn was faked.

The whole time they talked about the making of the show.  The hosts plan on making this an annual event, so they might have other themes in the future.  Paul DIni mentioned the possibility of making a Freak-a-zoid comic.

The event was very inexpensive but filled with fun, passion, and creative energy.  It was hosted in Tom Rugg’s garage by Tom Rugg and Paul Ruegger, but it had all the spirit of a larger convention.  Every second was filled with funny sketches and in-jokes I wish I understood, like the rent-an-audience, which goes to show that the passion of the show is still there after all these years.

The only problems with the mini-convention were technical.  The Facebook live stream would drop frames and videos would have trouble playing, but that was about it.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed every second of it.  It went by way too quickly.  I felt like I was watching a classic Spielberg animated show.  Everyone else did, too.  At its height, the event had 434 viewers.  One can only hope that in the future this convention grows to get the attention it very well deserves.

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