Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Elections 2018: Meet Fred Swann

2018 is a big election year for the state of Georgia. But if you are anything like me, you are usually too busy to pay as much attention to local politics as you should. So, to make things easier, I have started a series to pick apart each candidate’s pros and cons.

With introductions out of the way, meet Democrat Fred Swann.

On his campaign website, it says Swann was raised by his single mother in Warner Robins and Macon. She “instilled in him the value of hard work.” His grandfather took up farming after he retired and would often send him home with bags of produce. Swann would help his grandfather tend his land and run a vegetable on the side of the road.

In 2002, Swann graduated Central High School in Macon, graduated from Mercer University, and began his career. In 2006, he received his MBA from Wesleyan College.

After that, in 2006, Swann became involved in his local Democratic Party Chapter. For a few years, he worked as a post seat holder before he was elected to represent his county to the Democratic Party of Georgia State Committee. Then in 2014, Swann was elected to all the counties in the 8th Congressional District as the Congressional District chair to the DOG Executive Committee.

That was when his eyes were opened so to speak.

In Swann’s words, “My duties involved going throughout the district to help county committees. While traveling in the district, I became acutely aware of just how rural, agricultural, and poor the district is. I also became aware that rural and agricultural only mean poor because of flawed policies and people being ignored.”

That experience inspired Swann to get into politics.

In his words, “The late great Tommy Irvin served our state for decades as Agriculture Commissioner and serves as one of my political inspirations as a proud Georgia Democrat. My run for Agriculture Commissioner is all about restoring his legacy to the office and bringing a renewed focus to addressing the pressing issues facing Georgia agriculture, Georgia families, and Georgia communities.”

If elected, Swann says he will:
Promote Georgia’s agriculture.
Promote and expand Georgia’s agricultural future by supporting new agricultural practices and decisions.
Save the farm and strengthen rural agricultural communities.
Ensure safe food for children and families.
Stand up for farmers and farm workers.
• Protect consumers.
Be a real voice for Georgia agriculture.
Address food insecurity and reduce hunger.

If Swann sounds like the candidate for you, the election will be on November 6.

One thought on “Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Elections 2018: Meet Fred Swann

  1. Because of the following comment I was hopeful of seeing specific enactments to be sponsored by Mr. Swann. “I also became aware that rural and agricultural only mean poor because of flawed policies and people being ignored”. All I saw were feel good general no action required words!! Mr. Swann will NOT have my vote!! However I will just pick a write in name as I can’t vote Republican this year”!

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