Georgia Insurance Commissioner Elections 2018: Meet Janice Laws

2018 is a big election year for the state of Georgia. But if you are anything like me, you are usually too busy to pay as much attention to local politics as you should. So, to make things easier, I have started a series to pick apart each candidate’s pros and cons.

With introductions out of the way, meet Democrat Janice Laws.

Laws is the only first-generation immigrant I have profiled so far. According to her campaign website, she immigrated as a teenager with her family from Jamaica and lived in New York City for seven years before she moved to Georgia. For the past 15 years, she has been a Georgia resident and a United States citizen.

Laws went to Monroe College in New York and studied Business Administration at Shorter University College of Adult and Professional Studies, but she has reportedly “studied various professional and leadership methodologies all across the United States.”

Now, Laws is a member of Women’s Professional Development Network, E-Women Network and has served in numerous leadership roles, including, Leadership Coach, Course Manager, and Team Leader Liaison for Landmark’s Global Team Management and Leadership Program.

She has also worked in insurance as the award-winning agency owner of J. Laws and Associates for 16 years.

Her work in insurance is what has inspired Laws to run. After seeing numerous predatory practices, she has decided she wants to make a difference. She is also inspired by her grandmother in Jamaica who taught her how to make a difference.

In her words, “As an agency owner, I was the one they called first when something happened and I got fed up with saying ‘I understand, but there is nothing I can do.’ Because there is something I can do!”

If elected, Laws promises to:
• Advocate for caps on premium increases, lower surcharges for accidents and claims, ensure fair underwriting practices and invite best in class insurance providers to do business in Georgia.
• Access and investigate insurance companies’ predatory practices and hold insurance companies accountable to protect consumers from those who break the law.
Educate Georgians about the insurance commission so they may be served better.
• Ensure safety by providing fire safety education to all Georgia’s students, enforce fire codes for new construction, and propose alliance strategies with the Georgia DOT, DDS and Driver safety organizations to reduce accidents.

If Laws is the candidate you want to vote for, the election will be on November 6 and the primary is on May 22.

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