Georgia Labor Commissioner Election 2018: Meet Richard Keatley

2018 is a big election year for the state of Georgia. But if you are anything like me, you are usually too busy to pay as much attention to local politics as you should. So, to make things easier, I have started a series to pick apart each candidate’s pros and cons.

With introductions out of the way, meet Democrat Richard Keatley.

According to the home page of his website, Keatley is “a Democrat, a veteran, an educator, and the son of a labor-union family.” On, it says that he originally wanted to run for the US House of Representatives as a representative for the Sixth Congressional District of Georgia.  Besides that, he gives no other information about his background.

When explaining what he wanted to accomplish as Georgia’s labor commissioner, Keatley said, “When I listened to people’s stories and heard about their struggles, their accomplishments, and their dreams, I learned that people want security and a fair chance to provide for themselves and their families. That’s what I can do. I can run for Georgia Labor Commissioner to help people get that fair chance. As your Labor Commissioner, I will work for the people of Georgia to make the American promise of Security, Opportunity, and Prosperity available to all.”

If elected, Keatley promises to:
• Get jobs that provide a secure standard of living.
• Give Georgians education to prepare us to prosper in a global economy.
• Get healthcare coverage that ensures medical needs and protects financially.
• Give “national foresight and wisdom in an increasingly unstable world to address military, economic, environmental, and racial injustice and human rights challenges.”

If you would like to elect Keatley to be the labor commissioner for the state of Georgia, the election will be on November 6.

2 thoughts on “Georgia Labor Commissioner Election 2018: Meet Richard Keatley

  1. Hello Mr. Keatley,

    I am so honor to have attended the voter rally yesterday at Allen Temple Church in Woodstock. I feel that you and Stacey Abrams team will make a powerful impact once you are elected on November 6th.

    I have been a member of Allen Temple for 23 years as a Trustee. I enjoy working in the community, with people, the elderly and children. I am also one of those people spoken about yesterday who works 2 sometimes 3 jobs just to maintain a living. I am facing Age Discrimination at age 63 years old and single. I truly do not look nor act like I am almost a senior ready to retire. I am very active and the only way you would really know my age is when I write it down. I have been seeking Full Time employment and was wondering if you could assist in some way. Age Discrimination is hard to fight here in Georgia and I feel like I am facing a losing battle. I am one of many but I can’t go homeless and I won’t give up.

    I wanted to meet and speak with you after the rally but wasn’t allowed. I have 15 plus years customer service experience along with managing accounts. I know this is a stretch but ” You have not because you ask not”.

    As I stated above, A Change Will Happen once you are elected!

    Thank you for your time…Be Safe and Be Bless as well.

    Pam Page

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