Happiness for Monday: My Nails

Most people don’t like Mondays.  I mean, I love my job, but even I have trouble getting over the weekend slump, especially one after Daylight Savings ends, when I am going on an hour less of sleep.  On days like these, it helps to think of something positive, something that makes me very happy.  For me, that’s my nails!

Last Saturday, I went to a nail salon with my mother.  It had been over a month and my nails looked less than desirable.  I had my usual: a manicure, a pedicure, and eyebrow waxing.  The pedicure and eye brow waxing were normal, but I decided to try something different for my finger nails.  I had my nails dipped instead of painting.

My nail technician suggested it.  She said dipping was much more organic and better for my nails.  I did not know much about it, so I decided to try it.  I chose a glamorous sparkly purple color and the results are fantastic.  My nails are beautiful!

According to an article I found on Glamour, the dip works longer than gel.  It is different in that, in place of UV rays to seal in the polish, the color comes from the pigmented powder the nails are dipped in.  Between base coats and a sealant, the nails are dipped in the chosen color and you get a color that lasts three or four weeks.

Unfortunately, the article also mentioned that it could be too good to be true.  The dip may not be good for natural nails because it’s often cheap and contains a harmful product called MMD.  I could not find out what those initials stood for, but I assume it’s bad.  It also said that since the dip is acrylic the removal process is bad for the nail plate.

To make matters worse, the article mentioned that salons should be using paint since that is more hygienic for customers than dipping the nails in the same dip as everyone else.  My nail technician dipped my fingers into a dip that I’m sure has been used for numerous people.

So, it turns out that my beautiful nails may be toxic and I could be carrying any infinite number of diseases at this very moment.  Before this week is out, for all I know, my nails could fall off and I could die of an unknown bacterial infection.  Oh, well.  At least, my nails look great!  Happy Monday!

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