Hice is Adding Amendments to HR 5515

On his weekly email, Congressman Jody Hice said that he spent 14 hours on Wednesday in the House Armed Services Committee markup of HR 5515, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019. In Hice’s words, this bill “authorizes funding levels and sets policy for the Department of Defense next year.”

Anyways, while Hice and others examined military programs and tried to figure out how to best fund our Department of Defense, he said he introduced two amendments to bolster national cybersecurity.

The first amendment would authorize the Secretary of Defense to establish a Cyber Institute at each of the United States’ six senior military colleges, including the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega.

The second amendment would direct the Department of Defense to leverage and expand existing partnerships between industry and the academic world for cyber education.

Hice has added these amendments, because in his words, “In this day and age, the cyber domain is the new frontline for our Armed Forces, and I’m proud to support critical training and education opportunities for our troops.”

Other interesting amendments added by other Congress members of the committee according to this government document include:
• establishing a pilot program on cryopreservation and storage (Larsen)
• prohibiting revocation of valor awards unless the revocation is based on misconduct associated with the circumstances justifying the award or the awardee is convicted of a felony (Hunter)
• amending 10 U.S.C. 14308(f) to allow a Guard officer’s date of rank to be backdated after federal recognition is granted; requires the Secretaries of the Army and Air Force to report to Congress when a promotion scroll exceeds 200 days between date received and its date of publication (Shea-Porter)
• requiring the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of the Air Force to review their scrolling process and report to Congress to provide timeliness of data and make recommendations for how to improve the existing process (also Shea-Porter)
• directing the Secretary of Defense to conduct a study to determine the feasibility of consolidating the military resale entities into a single defense resale system; prohibits further DoD actions without direction from Congress (Bacon)
• requesting DRL on the integration of advanced technologies (as per the NDS) into current professional military education programs (Panetta)

In addition, Hice said that this year’s NDAA budget would benefit Georgia by incorporating several favorable deals:
• $99 million for a Cyber Instructional Facility at Fort Gordon in Augusta
• $13.6 million for a Navy Reserve Training Center at Fort Benning in Columbus
• $31.9 million for a Welding and Body Repair Shop Facility at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany

According to Hice, Georgia already houses nine military bases and is becoming more of a “hub for military excellence.”

If this deal comes to pass, that will certainly be the case.

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