Jungle Safari Fun in Madison, Georgia!

Ever dreamed of exploring the grasslands of sunny Africa? Ever fantasize of being up-close and personal with your favorite wild animal, while having a once in a lifetime experience in the heart of the African savannah? The only issue is the limitations due to expenses with flight and travel. Well, there is now a solution! Coming soon to Madison, Georgia is an authentic safari experience. Instead of dreaming of encountering the wildlife of Africa on an expeditious safari, the opportunity has now arisen in your backyard, The Georgia Safari Conservation Park. With a drive-through safari, you will now have the opportunity to see your favorite wildlife animals face-to-face. Riding a custom safari vehicle, roaming through a 500-acre park, captivated by the wildlife it provides, you will feel you are actually in the heart of Africa; a dream come true!

With that, you will also experience a walk-through tour of five different continents: Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America. These exhibits are targeted to inform their guests on the wildlife that resides within each of their natural habitats. Along with Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium, the new Georgia Safari Conservation Park will be another attraction, luring tourists from around the nation, immersing their guests with knowledge on different wildlife and cultures around the world.

This park also provides Treetop Lodging, allowing guests to stay overnight at a 50-unit lodge to acquire more of a wildlife experience. In addition to this there is an event center and a restaurant where guests can eat and be entertained while enjoying the view of animals partaking in their mundane, yet exciting, every day living.

Though recreational, one of the goals of this park is to educate their guests on the significance of living with a purpose to preserve wildlife. As the website’s mission states, “We believe everyone can become a conservation leader. Our goal is to inspire guests to learn how they can make a difference in the conservation of wildlife while making memories and having fun.”


For more information, visit their website at: https://georgiasafari.com/

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