Louisville To Vacate National Championship Due to Sex Scandal

The University of Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball program will become the first Division 1 school to have to vacate a national championship.


Tuesday the NCAA announced that all penalties forced on Louisville will be upheld following the schools appeal as part of an escort sex scandal that involved a staff member arranging sex acts for recruits. As a result of the penalties being upheld the Cardinals will have to vacate its 2013 national championship, its 2012 Final Four appearance, and 123 wins over a four year period. In addition, the school will also have to return money received through NCAA revenue sharing that came as a result of its NCAA tournament appearances from 2012-2015.


It is said that, former Louisville basketball player and director of operations Andre McGee, acted unethically by arranging parties in which strippers were in attendance and performed sexual acts for players while the school was in the process of recruiting said players.


Former Louisville Coach Rick Pitino, who was fired in 2017 amid FBI investigations into corruption while recruiting basketball prospects, denied any knowledge of what McGee was doing but the NCAA ruled Pitino violated rules by being unable to control his staff.

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