Loyola’s Cinderella Run Comes to a Halt

The clock has suddenly struck midnight on Loyola as they lose to Michigan in the Final Four (69-57). However, there is so much that this team should be proud of for what they accomplished. After upsetting Miami, Tennessee, Nevada, and Kansas State, Loyola captured the hearts of many basketball fans that love to pull for the underdog (not to mention messing up everyone’s bracket). And the Ramblers did not go down without a fight. Being up by 10 in the second half, victory seemed to be within their grasp. However, they could not stop Michigan’s 6’11 Moe Wagner, now seen as the wicked stepsister to steal Cinderella’s thunder, who had 24 points and 15 rebounds. Nevertheless, Loyola should walk away from this game with their heads held high. They proved to themselves and to America that they deserved to be there and can compete with any team in the nation. As Loyola’s point guard Clayton Custer says, “I think we inspired a city. We inspired a lot of people across the country. People can be proud to say that they went to Loyola. The word Loyola has a whole new meaning now. We proved to ourselves that we can play with anybody in the country.” The night ended with the team’s chaplain, 98 year-old Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, consoling the players after a hard fought game, reminding them of all they accomplished. With this Cinderella run, it might cause many to wonder how much Loyola can potentially achieve next year. Only time will tell if this run will motivate Loyola even more or if the franchise will transform back into a pumpkin.

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