Men’s Grooming Habits Have Moved Beyond Shaving and Showering

Most men have a bare minimum grooming routine. It may involve just showering, shaving and putting on deodorant. When we see men on television, we know they are a little bit more coiffed.  Any on set makeup artist won’t let a male celebrity go before an audience with a shiny nose. Clean shaven men seem to have an easy routine but what about the guy who has a little stubble? He really does has it easy because he skipped a step…but not really. It does also take work to look a little undone.

Kristan Serafino specializes in male grooming for the camera. Brennan Kilbane wrote about Kristan and men’s grooming in the April 2018 issue of Allure Magazine; it’s titled The Skin Guide 2018.  Brennan wrote that men want to look good but not too good.  An example of just right grooming would be Michael Weatherly. Michael currently stars in the CBS drama Bull, wearing his signature face stubble in every episode. He told Kevin Frasier from “Entertainment Tonight” about the challenges of keeping up his new look.

On the flip side, there is Tom Sandoval. Tom is one of the stars of Bravo’s hit reality show “Vanderpump Rules”. He has a more involved morning grooming routine.  When Tom is not bartending at SUR in West Hollywood, California, he is a model and actor. He wants to always look his best.  In addition to being clean shaven, Tom shaves his forehead, wears make up on his face and flat irons his hair. In the first season of “Vanderpump Rules,” Tom talks about the different ways he styles his hair and asks his girlfriend Kristen Doute if he can borrow some of her hair products. He takes metrosexual to a whole new level! Tom is also known for his fashion flair and his styling skills. In season five, he styles his best friend’s triplet brothers for a wedding.  In season six (the current season), Tom goes all out creating his costume for his girlfriend Arianna Madix’s costume birthday party.

The trend toward a more complex grooming routine for men is not new. The word manscaping became part of the American vocabulary in the 1990s. There are more products geared toward men now than ever. Men are no longer limited to purchasing Old Spice products. He can buy items marketed to them in mass market and high end stores.  Bath and Body Works and Dove are two of the most popular brands that make shampoos, conditioners and body washes with scents for men. Fashion Designers are getting in on the act, too. In the Sunday April 22, 2018, edition of Atlanta Journal and Constitution a reader wrote in to the “Where Can I Buy It?” column asking where in Atlanta he could by Dolce and Gabana The One for Men deodorant. Also, companies that cater to men’s grooming products are getting in on the beauty box trend. They want in on the action created by such companies as Birch Box and Ipsy aimed toward women consumers.  Men’s Health Magazine launched a subscription box for men. Per the magazine’s website the subscription box will contain not just grooming items but also for overall health.

Men’s grooming is moving past looking metrosexual. Men now want to look their best not just for the office but also for themselves.  In 2018, men have begun to see the importance in keeping themselves up in all areas.  I’d say thats a plus for all the women out there looking for a well groomed man!




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