Netflix or Theaters???

Netflix has been a huge success in the 21st century. It has easy access to wide variety of films or sitcoms that could entertain anyone for weeks at a time. It has caused just about every Blockbuster (you remember those, right?) to go out of business. Why go to the store to rent a film when you have instant access to watch a film from your own living room? A big question now is if Netflix could have the potential of putting movie theatres out of business within the next fifteen to twenty years.

For example, films such as The Cloverfield Paradox (Paramount) and Extinction (Universal) both were released through Netflix, as opposed to being released in theatres. According to Hollywood Reporter, Paradox brought in 2.8 million viewers within a few days. The question to now ask is if this film would have been more successful had it been released in the theatre. Though no one can truly know the answer to this question, no one can deny the success that Paradox has had.

And it is not just mediocre films going to Netflix. The film, Mudbound, was released through Netflix and was in the running for Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Song for the 2018 Academy Awards. With the success rate through Netflix increasing over time, many film producers and studio executives are asking the question of whether if it is a better bet to release their films through Netflix instead of going with tradition with theatres. If Netflix’s success continues, one might wonder if Netflix will eventually put the beloved movies theatres out of business, as they did with Blockbusters.


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