Now You Can Watch 90’s Shows on NickSplat

Are you a millennial who wishes you could go back to watching the Nickelodeon shows you grew up with? Are you a young millennial who only faintly remembers these shows and wants to see what all the fuss is about? Are you in Generation Z and curious? I’ve got good news for all of you. You now can!

On Tuesday, it was announced that streaming service VRV has joined forces with Nickelodeon to offer a new channel called NickSplat, according to this article from Yahoo Finance. This channel features a rotating selection of 300 episodes from over 30 classic Nick shows from popular titles and forgotten gems alike. This includes cartoons like “Rocko’s Modern Life,” live-action sitcoms like “Kenan & Kel,” and game shows like “Legends of the Hidden Temple.”

According to Yahoo Finance, “You can subscribe to NickSplat as a standalone channel from VRV for $6 per month, or pay an additional $4 a month for the premium package, which includes access to NickSplat, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Rooster Teeth, Shudder, and more.”
More shows will be added in the future, and it is expected that NickSplat will eventually be spread to more platforms.

Of this launch, Viacom’s Sam Cooper said, “VRV, with a sophisticated user base that loves the best in animation, is the perfect platform to launch our NickSplat channel. Viacom’s content – including our deep library of genre-defining television – is highly in demand, and our audiences are always looking for new and innovative ways to enjoy our programming.”

If you want to know what episodes are on NickSplat now, you can go to to find out which episodes of which shows will be streaming and prepare to relive your childhood.

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