Parents Are Getting Tattoos of Their Children’s Artwork

On April 27th, Today posted on Twitter, “Instead of keeping their children’s artwork in photo albums or on the fridge, some parents are getting permanently inked.” Underneath that post were numerous photographs of parents with their children’s artwork tattooed on their arms and an article from CTV News explaining this phenomenon.

In the article, Cam Davis, a Kitchener, Ontario-based tattoo artist who works at Berlin Tattoo, says that while these types of tattoos only represent a fraction of his work they are seeing a rise in popularity.

“Because there’s such sentiment and meaning and intention attached to this, I feel it’s able to transcend a time and a place,” Davis said explaining the tattoos’ popularity. “This is something that will be meaningful regardless of time.”

In addition, Sears, one of Davis’ customers who has his son Parker’s drawings inked onto his left arm, said, “It’s something we can bond over, it’s something I could always have with me. I travel a lot for work and I miss him (Parker) a lot, so I can always look down and, sure enough, there he is on my arm.”

I am no parent, but I find this to be unbelievably touching. If you’re a parent who likes tattoos, you can take in your child’s favorite drawing to the tattoo parlor and ask them to have this done for yourself.

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