Politics for Beginners: Attorney General

While profiling the candidates for all of Georgia’s 2018 elections, I’ve been embarrassed to discover that I have forgotten most of what I learned from my civics classes about the roles of different branches of government. If this sounds like you, allow me to give you a politics refresher course.

Second Lesson, what is an attorney general?

An attorney general is the chief legal adviser to the governor, and all other state agencies, boards, and commissions.

In layman’s terms, an attorney general is our state’s lawyer.

Whoever holds the office represents the state in all civil cases before any court and in all cases before the Supreme Court.

The Attorney General also prepares contracts and agreements, prosecutes public corruption cases, and oversees the Medicaid Fraud Unit, but they cannot legally represent any private citizen during their time in office.

According to Wikipedia, Incumbent Republican Attorney General Sam Olens resigned to become president of Kennesaw State University in November 2016. Since then, Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Chris Carr has been appointed to serve the remainder of the term, but this year, he is expected to run for a full term.

If you would like to choose him or another candidate to be our state’s lawyer, the election will take place on November 6.

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