Politics for Beginners: Labor Commissioner

While profiling the candidates for all of Georgia’s 2018 elections, I’ve been embarrassed to discover that I have forgotten most of what I learned from my civics classes about the roles of different branches of government. If this sounds like you, allow me to give you a politics refresher course.

Sixth lesson, what is the labor commissioner?

The labor commissioner is the state executive of the Georgia Department of Labor is responsible for “implementing the state’s labor regulations, operating its unemployment insurance and rehabilitation programs and producing statistics and research covering the Georgia labor market.”

In layman’s terms, a labor commissioner is like a manager/private investigator. They operate labor programs and make sure all businesses in the state are following the rules while researching state labor behind their backs.

The current labor commissioner is Republican Mark Butler. He has been the state’s labor commissioner since November 2010. He has served two terms and is now eligible for a third.

If you would like to choose Georgia’s next labor commissioner, the election will be held on November 6.

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