Primary Results: Stacey Abrams Has Made History

Yesterday’s primary results are in, and Stacey Abrams came out on top.

Stacey Abrams has won the Georgia Democratic Primary for state governor, and this victory has historical significance.

According to this article in the New York Times, Abrams is the first African-American woman to be chosen as a major party nominee for governor in the United States and Georgia’s first African-American nominee for governor.

That means this fall’s election season could potentially be historical for our nation and the Deep South, a region that as the New York Times has pointed out, has not had an African-American governor since Reconstruction.

It could also be a sign of Georgia’s changing demographics in general.

That is partly because Atlanta boasts a thriving media industry that has expanded thanks to the success of Ted Turner’s networks, the state’s growing film industry, and its booming hip-hop industry. The latter has created a growing upper-class African-American population while the former has attracted immigrants and talent from across the country who seek to be a part of this new media landscape.

In addition, despite Georgia’s Republican reputation, there are growing pockets of Democrats who seek to change the state’s politics, especially in towns like Atlanta and Athens. Moreover, younger generations of Georgia’s residents have been going Democrat.

Nonetheless, the Republican majority still has a strong hold on the state, and Abrams has heavy odds to overcome if she wishes to become Georgia’s first Democratic governor since Roy Barnes left office in 2003.

Nevertheless, Abrams is remaining optimistic about her and Georgia’s future.

The New York Times quotes her as saying, “We are writing the next chapter of Georgia’s history, where no one is unseen, no one is unheard, and no one is uninspired.”

However the elections might turn out this fall, no one can deny that Georgia is changing.

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