Rapper Young Dolph Gives 20k to Baristas Fired for Playing His Music

In a move of support and generosity, rapper Young Dolph got VIP passes for the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami on Friday for two baristas who were fired from the Duke University coffee shop Joe Van Gogh Coffee, and after getting them on stage, he gave them $20,000 each, according to US News on Twitter.

According to an earlier report on May 8, Duke University’s vice president of student affairs, Larry Moneta allegedly demanded that the two baristas on duty, Britni Brown and Kevin Simmons, be fired from the café for playing a Young Dolph song with explicit lyrics when he came to the café as a customer.

After Moneta demanded that the song be shut off, Indyweek says, Brown apologized, shut off the song, and offered the vice president’s meal free of charge, but Moneta insisted on paying and left the shop. According to Simmons, he looked like he was “verbally harassing” her, although he did not hear their exact conversation.

Then, about ten minutes later, Brown received a call from Robbie Roberts, Joe Van Gogh’s owner, who said that he had received an angry call from Moneta and wanted to ask about the incident. Brown answered honestly, and on Monday, she and her co-worker were fired from their jobs in a meeting whose audio was obtained by Indyweek.

As news of this incident broke out on Twitter, it got the attention of Young Dolph himself who publicly decried the vice president’s actions and privately arranged for the VIP treatment of the two former baristas.

Since the incident, Moneta has alleged to have nothing to do with the baristas’ firing, but the coffee shop Joe Van Gogh owner Roberts has since declared on Twitter that he has decided to cut all ties to the University because of the incident.

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