Ruby Chocolate Kit Kats to be Released in the UK

According to Business Insider, ruby chocolate Kit Kat bars will be released in the United Kingdom following a successful release in Japan and South Korea.

However, these are not ordinary pink Kit Kat bars. They are the first chocolate to be made with ruby chocolate, the first new kind of chocolate to be made in 80 years.

The chocolate is naturally pink with no additives or artificial flavoring and is made from ruby cocoa which can be found across the world.

Chef Yasumasa Takagi is the inventor of this new kind of chocolate. In January, Nestlé partnered with Swiss cacao processor Barry Callebaut to release Takagi’s invention in chocolate boutiques in Korea and Japan.

According to the Independent who got to taste this candy before anyone else, the “Sublime Ruby” Kit Kat evidently tastes very similar to white chocolate but with “berry undertones giving it a sweet kick.”

The candy will be released in the rest of Europe and in America after its release in the UK, so prepare your taste buds.

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