Student Loans and Cyber Security: Two Bills Passed in the Past Week

On September 10, Rep. Jody Hice announced in his newsletter that with his support the House had passed H.R. 1635, aka the Empowering Students Through Enhanced Financial Counseling Act. In Hice’s words, this act “enables more students to achieve their dreams of attending college.” Specifically, Hice said that this act will give students better financial counseling before taking out student loans.

Most of my millennial readers hardly need an explanation for this issue, but for everyone else, I’ll summarize what Hice said in the email. Most students must receive some sort of financial aid from the government to pay for their college costs, but many of these students do not get enough financial counseling. This results in students taking on impossible student loans and later defaulting on those loans.

Under H.R. 1635, all students and parents applying for federal student aid have to receive “comprehensive information on the terms and conditions of such Federal Pell Grant or loan and the responsibilities the individual has with respect to such Federal Pell Grant or loan” according to

After talking about that bill, Hice announced that another bill he voted for, H.R. 5576, the Cyber Deterrence and Response Act of 2018, has been passed. The bill is for establishing and maintaining a database of “advanced persistent threats, a term used in the cybersecurity private sector to refer to government-backed groups that are engaged in cyber-espionage operations against other countries.”

Hice said the bill was needed because “we need to bring these aggressors out of the shadows and create a framework that deters and provides the proper response for their actions.”

Tune in next week for a report on other important bills that pass in the House, including ones like H.R. 6720, the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018. Yes, that exists.

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