The Beauty Industry Advances in Technology With Personalized Products

Technology is apart of todays modern culture. We have smart phones, home assistants that operate on enabled skills and smart appliances in our houses. The beauty industry is evolving just the same throughout technology. New formulations of cleansers and moisturizer have now been formulated to provide quicker results and are now designed to more gentle on sensitive skin–this is just the beginning of the advancements in the beauty industry.

The biggest trend in beauty in 2018 is to personalize products for skin, hair and make up. New beauty tools can be used at home to help the consumer see what their skin/hair needs are based on the effectiveness of the current regimen.  These items are smart beauty tools. Table beauty mirrors for makeup application have gone beyond just simply lighting up and magnifying what you see in the mirror.  They analyse your skin to track the progress your serum and moisturizer in erasing fine lines and dark under eye circles.  Smart hair brushes (which are used to determine if your hair is damaged) are also in development.

Taking personalization to another level, cosmetics and beauty giant, L’oreal purchased the Canadian Augmented Reality company Modiface.  Augmented Reality is different from Virtual Reality, which is computer generated and the user can interact with it. Augmented Reality adds to your current reality instead of re-creating it.  L’oreal displayed their products at Viva Technology Paris 2018.  Customers could get a live personalized makeup tutorial.  Also, customers could virtually try on make up and hair colors. This will ensure in the purchase of products that accurately compliment a person’s hair color and skin tone.  This technology is a big step above current color matching computer programs (for example Sephora’s Color IQ system).

Technological advances are also being made in hair care in salons. Prose, an app that is used by hair stylists in salons, analyzes the hair. The algorithm then will create shampoos and conditioners special for the client.  A rival to Prose is the SalonLab system. It was developed by German company Henkel and sells its personalized  Schwarzkopf shampoo.  Like Prose, SalonLab has several apps the hair stylist can use to create a personalized shampoo to correct hair issues such as color damage and frizz.

These are just a few examples of the technological advancements in beauty, hair and cosmetics. It’s exciting to see the next wave of products and services the beauty industry has to offer!

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