The Impact from Tripp Halstead

On Sunday, March 18, 2018, many came to mourn the death of an innocent, breathtaking boy with an even more captivating story. After fighting a brain injury for five years from being struck on the head by a tree branch at two years old, being an inspiration to so many, Tripp Halstead (7) passed on from this life on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

So many who knew him from church or school, along with those who kept up with his story through social media, attended the Jefferson Civic Center, mourning and paying respect to such a strong individual. His father, Bill Halstead, who was present at his son’s final breaths, spoke at the funeral, saying, “To say this is a hard day would be a drastic understatement.” However, although it may be excruciatingly difficult, he did not die in vain because of the impact he had on so many, many of whom he had never met. Halstead said, “I can say I saw his first breath and his last. He was never alone in his journey. Never. From birth until he went to sleep.”

Having over 1.4 million followers on Facebook, Tripp’s story moved more people than anyone could have ever imagined. Stacy Halstead, Tripp’s mother, wrote after her beloved son’s death, “Thank you for all your prayers and support and I think the world of all of you. I know you’re hurting too. Tripp knew how much he was loved and how many people followed his story. Love you all.”

One moral to this story is to show how important community is. If it were not for the brief, tragic, and noble life of Tripp Halstead, there would not be a community of his supporters, standing in mutual awe and affection for the Halstead family. Without a strong group of supporters, who knows how the Halstead family would have handled the whole situation. Tripp’s story brought together many to a greater understanding of how precious life is and how, in only a moment, it can be taken away. Though the story is tragic, Tripp is no longer in anguish and has left a legacy that surpasses the suffering.

R.I.P. Tripp Halstead! You will not be forgotten.


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