Figuring out how to manage your finances can be tough. We’re swarmed with information about stocks, “get rich quick” schemes, and outdated information (i.e., go to school and get good grades). In this new economy, we need to find better solutions.

Some of you may be struggling with credit card debt, student loan debt, or may be living paycheck to paycheck. I was once in that position a couple of years ago when I graduated with my master’s degree with over $30,000 worth of student loan debt and $10,000 of credit card debt.

I graduated college and obtained a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification with the expectation of becoming financially independent. Due to the cost of college, living expenses, and taking out way more loans than I needed, I found myself with less money in my account than before I started school.

I became so upset with my financial situation that I began doing a ton of research. I started reading business blogs and magazines, attending seminars and subscribed to YouTube channels discussing personal finance.

What I found was a lot of annoying and useless information that didn’t get me anywhere. That’s not to say there wasn’t any useful information out there; it just wasn’t the information that I needed to take my finances to the next level.

It wasn’t until I read T. Harv Eker’s book “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” that I finally discovered the one key that changed the way I looked at finances.




Once I became aware that I had limiting beliefs that impacted my relationship with money, the whole game changed for me. One of my most significant limiting belief was that “money is the root of all evil.” I believed that to make money; I had to be an evil person. Because I had this belief, I self-sabotaged my financial situation by ignoring my checking, savings, and credit card accounts.

In this book, T. Harv Eker talks a lot about the mindset of millionaires. He describes a tree which is like the “Tree of Life” which represents your life. On this tree there are fruits, and the fruits represent the results in your life. What a lot of us tend to do is we focus on the results. Instead, we should focus on the roots of the tree. Therefore the key is, “if you change the roots, you can change the fruits.”

I got so caught so caught up on my results (such as credit card debt) that I began trying to aggressively pay it down without realizing what created the balance in the first place. As soon I would pay it down, the balance would grow back up. Once I discovered the root of my abuse of money, I improved my finances and looked for other ways to be fulfilled by building better relationships with my friends and family, participating free activities, and reading.

Your health is a result, your relationships are a result, and your finances are a result. These results do not happen overnight and as such can take just as long to improve. Awareness and patience is the key. Once you can become aware of what has been preventing you from achieving the results you want, take ACTION and start the journey to success.

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