These Yoga Poses Will Kick Imbalanced Hormones in the Butt

Whether its vicious cramps or raging hot flashes all women experience these symptoms at some point. The good news is there’s a natural cure. The ancient practice of yoga has been proven to balance wacky hormones so those cramps can be gone for good! Here are few ways yoga can benefit women’s health.


Sadly a heating pad and chocolate ice cream are only temporary reliefs. However, certain yoga poses can help ease the horrific pain from cramps completely. The number one pose to help relieve cramps is camel pose. The stretching of the muscles in the lower abdomen stop contractions. Also the bending of the back muscles give relief to any lower back pain that comes with PMS. Another great pose is malasana (garland pose), which stretches the groin area and lower back.

Bloating and Fatigue

Whether you’re a woman going through PMS, pregnancy, or menopause bloating and low levels of energy can get the best of you. However, certain types of yoga can help! Slow and resorative poses such as bow pose and child’s pose are proven to eliminate bloating. To fight fatigue try doing sun salutations it will give you lasting energy you need to take on the day. If you’re wanting something even slower try shavasana. There’s no movement involved, just grab a mat, lie on your back with your arms next to you with palms facing up and breath. This pose calms down the nervous system and can reduce both bloating and fatigue.

Hot Flashes

From what I’ve heard, there’s nothing worse than a hot flash. However, breathing techniques used in yoga practices are proven to cool down the body. The Sitali Pranayama technique can be done to stop hot flashes in their tracks. Also the Sitkari breathing practice cools down the body immediately and calms down the nervous system reducing any anxiety.


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