Three Ways To Instill Confidence

No matter what field you are in, you have to sell yourself. There is no way around it. With that, the question to ask is how might be the best way to present yourself convincingly enough to earn the approval of others. Though the reasons to sell yourself may vary, there are three things anyone can do to show his or her confidence.

  1. Eye Contact-Whenever conversing with someone, you show your peer that you are engaged through your eyes. If your eyes are wandering all over the place, it says one of two things: either you have no interest or you are very unsure of yourself. Sometimes it is an odd combination of both. Whatever the reason, make sure your eyes are locked with the one you are communicating with and you will instill more confidence in yourself and your peer.
  2. Smile-A smile goes a long way. It not only speaks confidence but also a mutual interest between you and your peer. By frowning, though attempting to appear confident, you have the potential to appear cold and distant. Also, it may be harder for your peer to read what is actually going on inside your head during the conversation. A smile speaks wonders when selling yourself.
  3. Body Posture-No one wants to speak to someone who is always slumping his or her shoulders. If you have difficulty standing or sitting up straight during a conversation, it is time to be deliberate in breaking that horrid habit. Although eye contact is good in showing conversational engagement, proper body posture helps boost yourself in showing your peer that you have his or her undivided attention. There is a tremendous difference in talking to one who is standing up straight versus one who is always slouching,

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