Tiny Home Luxuries

You might be thinking “wait, did I read that right?” – does the word ‘luxury’ have a place next to ‘tiny home’? The answer is yes, depending on the context.

Tiny homes have previously been synonymous with mobile homes or campers. With recent innovation, creativity, and demand – tiny homes no longer produce the mental images of A/C units hanging halfway out a window, with junk spread sporadically across a yard. Instead, they inspire visions of chic, modern living with endless design possibilities.


While this movement has its grassroots in sustainability & ‘freedom to roam’ – tiny homes have a plethora of functions for different families and their respective lifestyles. For instance, a young couple might be interested in the financial freedom associated with a smaller square footage. Another might seek a mobile living space that accommodates their careers, such as traveling nurses, photographers, athletes, etc. And there are just as many folks out there in search for a small vacation spot they can afford to put at that picturesque beachfront location.

Tiny home dwellers inevitably find the ‘tiny troubles’ associated with this lifestyle as such: tiny. They rarely are deal breakers. So you can’t keep 12 different types of wine glasses, or have every photo you’ve ever taken on your walls – it requires organizational sophistication & somewhat of a compromise on decor – but the luxury of living in a tiny home outweighs most obstacles.


What luxuries might these be? For one, tiny home owners typically see more money stay in their bank account than they do in their credit card statement for the various costs associated with average home sizes. Electricity, heating, and water bills will naturally decrease as square footage does the same. All those monthly bills add up to a salary’s-worth of cash. Some home owners will hold onto these ‘bonuses’ for their retirements, and some will invest in their Present by going on lavish vacations across the world – because they can actually afford it.

Another luxury of tiny home living is freedom. Freedom not only from financial burdens, but also the upkeep associated with home ownership. Need a new roof? Well guess what, it will take one day, and a fourth the cost of what a home owner would pay if they were living in a 3000 sq.ft. home. Replacing odds-and-ends no longer breaks the bank with those unexpected, inconvenient, but absolutely guaranteed home-degradations.  Instead, they become quick fixes that will have your big-home neighbors drooling with jealousy – because they just finished replacing all their outdated windows for $10,000, while you walk away with a receipt $2,000 or less.

Lets not forget the freedom to move! You moved to a new city, for a new job, because life is short and we take risks to find our place. After living in this new locale, you’ve decided its not for you. With (mobile) tiny homes you aren’t locked into a lease, or worse, a mortgage, in a place you barely like. Instead you can kindly give your 2 weeks notice, and find something different. Freedom. Freedom to try on life – because it is not a once-size-fits-all world.


The luxuries of tiny home living hardly end there. As more folks test the waters of tiny home living, the more appealing it becomes to those that might be on the fence. Local to Atlanta is a non-profit organization called Tiny House Atlanta, founded in 2014. Here they work to spread awareness, host workshops, and build legislation in support of this movement. THA is just one of the thousands of online resources that provide information on the ‘tiny life.’ If you are interested, you should check them out & support local efforts in the meantime!


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