Top 25 Seinfeld Episodes (10-6)

  1. The Rye-Meeting your future in-laws can be quite a hassle. It’s always important to make a good impression, right? When George’s family has dinner with his fiancé’s family, things get unexpectedly heated over a loaf of marble rye bread. In order to clear the whole situation, George must sneak into Susan’s (his fiancé) parent’s house without anyone else knowing. Suffice it to say, it is a situation leading to disaster.


  1. The Bubble Boy-One of Jerry’s big fans is one who just happens to live inside a plastic bubble because of health reasons. Agreeing to pay him a visit before spending the weekend at George’s girlfriend’s cabin, Jerry and Elaine drive over to meet the bubble boy on his birthday. Jerry and Elaine get lost and George and his girlfriend end up paying him a visit. Things get really tense when the bubble boy and George get in a tussle over a misprint in a trivia game.

  1. The Puffy Shirt-Isn’t it awkward when you repeatedly can’t understand a word someone is saying? Eventually, you just nod along to keep from asking them to repeat. In this episode, Jerry encounters a low talker, accidentally agreeing to wear a puffy shirt she designed. He not only agreed to that but also to wearing it while being featured on the Today Show. This is also the episode where George moves in with his parents, discovering his potential to be a hand model.

  1. The Yada Yada-Sometimes telling a whole story is too exhaustive. Instead, it is easier to just say ‘yada yada’ and move on. George’s girlfriend has a tendency to this, which George very much appreciates, until she tells him about her ex-boyfriend showing up to her apartment and she ‘yada yadas’ the whole story. This episode also includes Tim Whatley, Jerry’s friend, converting to Judaism for the jokes and Kramer and his friend, Mickey, going on an awkward double date.

The Hamptons-This is the infamous episode where America was introduced to the term ‘shrinkage.’ While getting out of the pool, George goes to get undressed when Jerry’s girlfriend walks in on him and the rest is history. George is then fearful of giving a misleading description of his physical appearance. The whole setting is at a beach house, where the hosts obsess over their baby, whom everyone thinks is actually hideous. That is, everyone except Elaine’s crush, whom he describes as ‘breathtaking.’

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