Top 25 Seinfeld Episodes (15-11)

  1. The Chinese Restaurant-Waiting is the hardest part, right? Jerry, Elaine, and George, with strict time limit, wait for a table in the lobby of a Chinese restaurant, with much difficulty in succeeding. With a simple plot-line and hilarious moments, such as the host calling George ‘Cartwright’, this episode helped put the sitcom on the map. And all the characters desire to hear is, ‘Seinfeld, party of four!’

  1. The Boyfriend-In this two-part episode, Jerry and George run into Keith Hernandez, one of Jerry’s baseball heroes who also happens to be a fan of Jerry’s comedy routine. When Elaine starts to date Keith, Jerry gets jealous because she is taking up all his time. This episode also includes George trying to extend his unemployment benefits and Kramer, along with his friend Newman, holding a grudge against Hernandez, believing him to have spat on them after a game in 1987.

  1. The Bizarro Jerry-Ever wish to be in an alternate universe? In this episode, Elaine gets the opportunity when her ex introduces her to his friends, resembling George and Kramer. The only this is they act polite and proper, as opposed to Jerry, George, and Kramer. Being drawn to her new set of pals, will she begin to neglect her original group of friends?

  1. The Merv Griffin Show-Kramer finds pieces of the set to The Merv Griffin Show and decides to set it up in his apartment and pretend to be a talk show host. This episode also includes Jerry being restricted from playing with his girlfriend’s toys, George running over some pigeons because he believes they will naturally get out of the way, and Elaine figuring out how to handle a new creepy co-worker. This episode is the only episode where the setting is mostly in Kramer’s apartment.

  1. The Jimmy-Ever finding it annoying when someone refers to himself in third-person? In this episode, Jerry and Elaine encounters someone referring to himself as Jimmy, causing Elaine to  accidentally saying yes to go on a date with him. This episode also includes Kramer being numbed at the dentist, which causes a charity owner to believe him to be mentally handicap.


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