Top 25 Seinfeld Episodes (20-16)

  1. The Pilot-After much preparation, the sitcom about nothing that Jerry and George create airs its pilot. This episode is the finale of season 4 of Seinfeld, being split into two episodes. This finale includes a montage of past characters from previous episodes that watch the pilot and commemorate on their own memories of Jerry Seinfeld.

  1. The Limo-In an attempt to get a free ride from the airport in a limousine, George and Jerry give themselves fake identities. Everything seems to be going well until they realize they are actually on the way to a neo-Nazi rally and George’s alias meant to be the key speaker.

  1. The Pen-Visiting your parents is always fun, right? In this hilarious episode, Jerry and Elaine head south to Florida when a condo association pays their respect towards Jerry’s father. As many family reunions go, there is a bit of drama. But who knew that there could be such drama over a pen? This is also the episode where, on much medication, Elaine has her outburst with her infamous ‘Stella!’

  1. The Muffin Tops-When eating a muffin, isn’t the top the best part? Elaine decides to help start a business where only the top of the muffin is sold. The only concern is what to do with the bottoms that no one seems to want. This episode also has George pretending to be a tourist in order to win over a girl, resulting in him losing his job.

  1. The Outing-Eavesdropping can only lead to trouble. This is what happens when a news reporter overhears a conversation between Jerry and George, mistaking them to be in a romantic relationship. When the story makes the paper, they do what they can to show everyone that they are not romantically fond of each other. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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